Friday, June 25, 2010

There's No Give Up in Haiti

We left Haiti this morning with a last image of frustration. We visited the compound of "Rebuild Haiti," a joint venture of multiple reconstruction entities focused on clearing and rebuilding. There, on the lot stood lines of bulldozers, heavy earth movers, and massive dump trucks. And they're not being used despite miles of debris and hundreds of thousands in desperate need. And there's no good answer for why not, just the same old--bureaucracy, competing turf, politics, control. Despite the massive scale of the problem, the very resources needed for action sit idle.


Needless to say, we asked for help with our future sites for Special Olympics Camp Shriver sites and they're going to respond. Hopefully, the barriers to action will fall for others too. The need is just so great that I can't believe people won't find a way.

At the end of our short visit, Rose and I leave with one overriding feeling: admiration for the people of Haiti. Never once did we hear anyone complain; they are a people unbowed, strong, unflinching. Everywhere we went, we saw thousands of people busy, trying, working, surviving.

There's no give up in Haiti. They left us in awe.

Haiti will be a great Special Olympics program soon. We don't yet know how we'll overcome the lack of schools, fields, health, and equipment. But I know it will happen somehow. There's just too much need and too much potential in those athletes. Somehow, together, we're going to find a way.

We'll post more pictures when we get home tonight. And we'll try to get a message out soon about how everyone can help. For now, donations can be sent to Special Olympics Haiti Fund at 1133 19th St, NW, Washington, DC 20036.

Thanks always for everyone who works and prays for a Unified Haiti.

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